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Christy Ann Stone…

That’s what I named you when you were born. I got to hold and feel your warmth one time before you were taken from me. I want to tell you about our beginnings and my search for you.

I was in the Salvation Army Unwed Mother’s Home in Tulsa, OK in 1965. My labor record number at the St. John’s Hospital was 4064 and I had to use an alias of Betty Sanders. If I had known that your adoption was going to be closed and sealed, I wouldn’t have given you up. I would have managed somehow, even without a family to turn to.

I came from a very abusive and emotionally sick family that was very secretive. My mother told neighbors and family that I was visiting my aunt in Chicago. The truth really was that I was at the Salvation Army Home for 6 months until my mother came to pick me up. I had just turned 18 before you were born in August. My Birthdate is July 22, 1947. I completed High School when I was 16.

When the other girls’ parents came to see them on weekends, mine were not there. It’s a long story, and I pray that I will be able to tell you about it someday. I’ve been through a lot of counseling over my relinquishment, over several years, and I have settled issues from the past with my family, even though I do not have a relationship with them.

You were born on August 19th, 1965 at 1:14 am at St. John’s Hospital in Tulsa, OK. You weighed 8 lbs. 2 oz. and were 21″ long. You were the most beautiful baby in the world! When the time came to let you go, I vowed that it wouldn’t be the last time we had together, that someday I would find you. 15 years ago I was emotionally ready to start searching for you.

My maiden name remains in the Dallas phone book where I have lived since 1973. I have also put my maiden name in the Oklahoma City Phone book under Bonnie Lee Stone.